Late with Valentine?

Be my Valentine

Hey guys!

Tired of listening to Valentine’s fiasco stories, I thought I may give you a hand this year. Yes, just admit it, you didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day this Friday, but it’s ok, DO NOT PANIC!

Because I know you love her loads but you’ve also got a million other things in mind, I’m proposing a simple solution to save the day. I’ve created an illustration to be attached to an email, becoming an instantly gorgeous e-card. For example:

You can make it even better by including a that poem or song you wrote for her and never showed her. Or just one of your favourite lyrics! Whatever you do, I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

So now you have no excuse!

Get the .pdf file on my Etsy shop  or for FREE just by liking my Facebook page and sending me a message, then I will email you the file for free.

Let me know how it goes!