Cleaning out my closet


Hello everyone!

Continuing with the wardrobe architect challenge 2015, this month I’d like to write about how I managed to sort out my pretty full closet.

Let’s say that there have been a couple of major changes in the past few months which led me to really think about carrying out a major wardrobe overhaul.

The first one was when me and my husband decided to move from England to Spain, where I’m originally from, hoping for a sunnier and more relaxed lifestyle. But before that, there was a major international move in between for which we had to really downsize our stuff and take only what we were going to need in our new life.

In the months previous to the move, I read plenty of blogs and articles on how to get rid of stuff you don’t need, but what helped me the most was learning about how to let go. That was the difficult part for me. It can be fairly easy to think about whether you like something or not, but letting go is a different matter. In the end, I managed to part with eight bags full of clothes that went straight into the charity shop. I found this experience extremely cathartic.

The second big event for clearing my wardrobe was when we moved into a 1-bed flat last month. Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty spacious for a 1-bed, but still, we don’t like having loads of furniture so we had to downsize even more. This was also important because we’ve got a baby on the way, so we need to keep quite a bit of free space for when they arrive. (I will be sharing with you all our baby corner projects!)

In this instance, I did an even more ruthless clearing of my closet, really thinking about my lifestyle needs and getting rid of most things that didn’t fit that bill. As a result, we have managed to fit all our clothing possessions into a small Ikea wardrobe and a chest of draws (which I’m super proud of). And the best thing, we still have plenty of room for the baby stuff!

After reading this, you may think I’ve got everything under control but… There is always a but. And in this case is my fabric stash, but I will be writing about it in another post.

Again, thanks for reading!



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