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Welcome to the third step of my personal fashion journey of the Wardrobe Challenge 2015 lead by Colette Patterns.

After much research on styles and silouhettes I’d like to wear during my pregnancy, I’ve finally come up with a list of patterns and fabrics that I’d like to use during this time. On my first post about the challenge, I talked about how boring and shapeless maternity wear usually is (at least that’s all we get here in Spain), so most of the patterns/shapes I’ve chosen are quite fitted.

Also, since we are heading towards the warmer months, I’ve looked for light outfits that t don’t involve a lot of fabric just so I don’t get too hot in the Spanish summer.

The patterns I’ve chosen are:


The Cara Maternity T-Shirt, by Megan Nielsen (Previously Ruched Maternity T-Shirt). I am planning on making sleeveless versions of this one.






The Erin Maternity Skirtby Megan Nielsen (Previously Ruched Maternity Skirt). Apart from the skirt, I want to make a full dress version combining this pattern with the one above.





The Moneta Dress, by Colette Patterns. Despite not being a maternity patter, I think it will be quite easy to adapt by raising the waistline.


As you can see, I’ve tried to keep my pattern selection pretty slim. Not that I haven’t found more interesting patterns, quite the opposite, but realistically, I don’t need that many agreements for this period. Luckily, I can wear pretty much the same at work (I’m an English teacher BTW) and in my free time, which make things easy.

Materials I’ll be working with:

Mainly light, stretchy fabrics such as:

  • cotton jersey
  • rayon jersey
  • silk jersey

I want to keep the fibres quite natural to ensure agreement breathability, and also they just feel much nicer on the skin.

One of the few cons of living in Spain is that the sewing frenzy hasn’t quite arrived yet and therefore there isn’t a wide variety of affordable fabrics. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful fabric shops, but they are usually aimed at customers that are getting an outfit tailored made for them in luxurious fabrics, not so much to home sewers.

I intend to write a post about fabric shopping in Zaragoza, but I still need to do quite a bit of research first. I shall keep you posted.

Just one more (but important) thought on this, I have never actually worked with knits so my this is not only my sewing plan but also a learning plan. I will be posting my makes as I go as well as sharing my learning experience in case I can save someone painful moments with their overlocker or sewing machine.

That’s all for today!




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