Neon Polka Dot Pillow Cover


Welcome to this super easy, super quick trend fix for your home.

You will need:

1 cotton pillow case (always prewash before painting)

1 pot of neon fabric paint

1 pencil with a rubber top

How to print your very own polka dot pillow case:

  1. Lay your pillow case on a flat surface. Put a non absorbent paper inside so the paint does not go through to the other side.
  2. Put a bit of paint on a sleek surface, for example a bit of tin foil.
  3. Then, take the pencil and wet its rubber top on the paint. A little paint will do, so don’t go to mad. It is easier to add more later than to have to wash it off. Then start printing your pillow case as if the pencil was a stamp. Add more paint as you need. In this case I have printed my dots randomly, but you could design a pattern to follow for a more geometrical result.
  4. Leave to dry for 24 h.
  5. To fix the colour, iron at 150ºC with a piece of fabric between the pillow and the iron. Once fixed, you can wash your pillow as usual (max 40ºC).

Pillow detail

I said it was easy! Hope you enjoyed it!




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