Erin Maternity Skirt #1


With my friends and my skirt. Happy times :)
With my friends and my skirt. Happy times 🙂

Hi there!

Today I am going to share my first version of the Erin Maternity Skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen.

When I first got this pattern, I wasn’t sure whether I would like wearing something so fitted during my pregnancy. I did quite a bit of research on Pinterest to see if I liked the results on other sewers and decided to give it a go. What I did find is that most people had used plain colour fabric for their skirts. I would usually go for that option but, I personally think that a patterned jersey works better for this skirt. Just make sure to check the grin of the fabric when you buy it, you don’t want it to go all withe and   distorted when you wear it!

After many fabric considerations, I decided to jump into the deeper end and use one of my precious Liberty fabrics that I had had for a while in my stash: a mid-weight cotton jersey with a big floral print in pastel colours.

Skirt in the making
Skirt in the making

The pattern itself is very easy to follow and I quickly put the skirt together without any problems. The bit that I found a bit trickier was shirring the side seams as my clear elastic kept folding under my walking foot. Do you guys have any tips to avoid this?

To my surprise, this skirt is super comfy to wear and I’ll be definitely making more of them. I think I may even give a go to the dress version at the end of the booklet. I find it specially flattering because it is such a figure-hugging garment. As I mentioned on a previous post, I am not too keen on tent-like maternity clothes so this pattern just fits the bill to perfection.

Just about 18 weeks pregnant
Just about 18 weeks pregnant
Maternity Skirt - Liberty 02
Here I’m just showing off 😉

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