Maternity Moneta #1


Stripy Moneta ready to wear
Stripy Moneta ready to wear

I’m happy to present my first ever piece of maternity clothing, a stripy Moneta! Yay!!

But there is more to this dress than that. This dress has meant quite a few firsts for me and that’s why I’m extra proud of it:

  • 1st item of maternity wear I’ve ever made
  • 1st time I’ve sewn jersey
  • 1st time I’ve tried to pattern match
  • 1st time I’ve altered a pattern
  • 1st time I make something that I can actually wear

The last of these points is specially important to me because it has been a frustrating path of choosing wrong fabrics, wrong patterns, wrong prints or all of these combined. I would say that learning about what suits your style, your body shape and your complexion has been the hardest lesson to learn when it comes to sewing. With this I don’t mean I don’t make any fabric mistakes anymore, but they are less and less frequent.

Anyway, going back to the dress, I’ve chosen a lightweight rayon jersey that I got at World of Sewing in Tunbridge Wells last time I visited. It has a wonderful fresh texture and feels like a dream on the skin. I don’t know whether you can appreciate it on the picture, but it’s got a super thin silver stripe that makes it just that little bit more interesting.

Moneta Stripes 01

Since this is not a maternity pattern, I had to do some simple alterations:

  • Raise the bodice waistline about 2.5″
  • Cut the skirt 2 sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. I cut the bodice in the same size I would wear pre-pregnancy, but if you’ve had a noticeable increase in your bust, you may want to cut it a size bigger.
  • Didn’t include the collar proposed for version 1.

Despite the modifications, you can follow the pattern instructions as given, which always makes things easier.

What I did find quite challenging was pattern matching the stripes. Probably this comes quite clear to an experienced sewer but as a first attempt it was a bit tricky at points, especially when joining the skirt to the bodice.

Conclusion: I am very happy about this dress and I love wearing it because it is super comfy. I think it will get me through the summer heat quite nicely.

Chilling in my dress with a sewing magazine, bliss!
Chilling in my dress with a sewing magazine, bliss!

If you feel like giving a go to this pattern, check out my Pinterest board with a selection of the best Monetas I’ve found online.

Hope you enjoyed my post!


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