Re-upholstered mid-century teak chair

Upholstered chair
What a beauty!



Today I’m very proud to present one of our very few items of furniture that is not from Ikea, our mid-century teak chair!!

We bought this chair last year when we were still living in Tunbridge Wells. We used to take regular trips to Brighton as we loved the vibe of the place, and in one of those we found this beautiful chair at Vintage City Brighton. It came upholstered in a not-so-nice checked woolen fabric that was a bit too big for the size of the cushions, which we used as a reason to haggle it down. Since it was the winter and I was mega busy with work, I did not have time to tackle this project until much later, so we just covered the chair with an (also from Ikea) white blanket, which actually looked rather nice.

In another of our Brighton trips a few weeks later, we found the ideal fabric for our chair in Ditto Fabrics: a hedgehog medium-weight cotton in cream!

Hedgehogs, why not?
Hedgehogs, why not?

When I finally tackled the project and started to rip the fabric off the cushions, I realised that these were in very bad condition so I decided to order some new foam pieces online. Since I wanted to make the cushions as long-lasting as possible, I designed them in a way that the covers could be easily removable for washing. Also, I used concealed zippers so you could not see them no matter what side you put the cushions. I must acknowledge that to make a perfectly fitting, boxed cushion cover was more difficult and time-consuming that I originally thought, but I am extremely pleased with the results.

Corner perfection :)
Corner perfection 🙂
Zipper detail
Zipper detail

This chair still has plenty of adventures to live though! It is now part of the baby corner we are preparing in our room for the new arrival and will soon enough become a nursing chair. I cannot wait to contemplate our baby from its comfy cushions!

Hope you like the result! Thanks for reading!


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