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Good morning everyone!

Today I finally got around to sorting out something that was really bothering me; I finally tackled my beauty basket! It drove me a bit crazy every time I saw almost empty pots of stuff, other stuff that probably had already expired, and make up bits that I know for a fact that do not suit me. Soooo… today was the day!

This is how I did it an how YOU can do it:

1. Count how many beauty/hygiene products you own. Lay out all the items that currently live in your bathroom. Make sure you get the ones scattered around your handbags, bedroom, etc… and put like with like, i.e.: all the lipsticks together, hairbands,… I included everything: make-up, moisturisers, dental care, shower stuff, manicure/pedicure items, hairstyling products and hair accessories. If you came around to my flat, you would probably say we don’t own much, but somehow, I had managed to gather just over a hundred items in my bathroom shelf!! All nicely put away, which I guess made it more bearable, but still, way too much stuff for my liking.

2. Throw away anything that has expired. Yes, all products have a use-by date! It doesn’t show a specific date like in food, but has a little symbol like the one below that indicates how long it lasts once it’s been opened. Be specially ruthless with sunscreen and never use it from summer to summer, it’s been proved that can cause serious burns. I threw away 12 products.

Look out for this little symbol
Look out for this little symbol

3. Gather the empties you can recycle. If you are a fan of MAC make-up, gather all your empties/expired products and trade them for a brand new lipstick completely free. You’ll get one for every 6 pots you recycle. I’ll be getting one for my mum as a surprise! There are other brands that have a recycling scheme so check in advance in case you can get some freebies and reduce waste. Lush is another of my favourites; you get a fresh face mask for every 6 empty pots you take into the shop.

4. Throw away any products that don’t suit your beauty regime. Over time, you end up gathering products that do not suit you but you keep because you think you’ll use them at some point. For example, I found left over conditioner and soap from a friend that visited us time ago, make-up that came for free with magazines (and the tones were totally wrong for me), all kind of samplers that I’ll never use and have probably expired…. So far I’ve mentioned things that I got for free from different places, but you also need to look at the things you bought and you maybe shouldn’t have. In my case, I have quite a few eye shadows in all sorts of tones, who can resit them when they are so lovely presented on their little stands? Well, the truth is… I never ever use eye shadow, so I have got rid of it all (also had probably expired…). So just think about what you realistically use in your beauty regime. In my case were the eye shadows, but I know people that have loads of lipsticks that never use, or eye-liners, nail varnishes, mascaras… it is hard to throw away stuff that you invested money in, but just learn from your mistake and let them go. If you know someone that would love any of the products you are going to get rid of, then you can pass them on to them, but don’t do it just so it makes you feel less guilty, just do it because they will genuinely love them.

5. Gather all your unopened stuff in one place. Sometimes it is difficult to know what’s open and what’s not, so I always keep all the unopened stuff together so I know where to look when I need something. Having said that, I don’t like to store loads of stuff, so I tend to buy a replacement when I am out or almost out of something. This will save you loads of storage space in your bathroom and will be less cluttered.

6. Examine your hair accessories. You’ve probably gathered a fair amount of jaw clips, pins, snaps, bands, hair bubbles, brushes,… and I would bet anything that most of them are not in great shape anymore. Throw away items that are rusty (specially clips and pins), any overstretched hair bubbles, and any half broken items such as jaw clips. Also get rid of any combs that don’t suit your hair. For example, why would you keep a fine comb (that you got for free form a hotel) if you’ve got thick curly hair? Exactly.

7. Go through any other items/accessories. How many hand mirrors do you need? Just keep your fave and let the others go. How many make-up brushes do you own? Keep the best ones you’ve got and get rid of the others. The amount of brushes you need will depend on your beauty regime, if you just use powder blusher, then you’ll only need one. Why keeping those old nail files? Loose them all and keep the best or the newest you own, your nails will thank you!

8. Simplify your make-up bag. Fair enough, we may keep a few extra items that we don’t wear every day but that we love, but put them away somewhere else. I like to keep my make-up bag with just my everyday essentials so I have them always to hand and I can just grab them and go and fit them in my tiny bag. In my case, I do love red/pink lipsticks and I know they suit me but don’t wear them every day, so I keep them to hand but in a different pouch so I know where they are when I want to use them.

9. Make what you own feel extra special. Now that you have a lovely, decluttered, super pampering beauty shelf, why not putting your products in a beautiful case? It may sound silly, but there is a difference in keeping your beauty stuff in a plastic hotel pouch (that is old and dirty) that you got for free ages ago to keeping them in a lovely bag that a dear friend gave you for your birthday, or if you are crafty you can go ahead and create your perfect beauty case! I made mine about 3 years ago (it was like my 2nd make ever!) and it is still going strong. I love how soft and supple it is after using it day in day out, and since it is made of cotton I can wash it whenever it gets a bit murky.

10. Enjoy the result! The best thing about clearing your beauty box is that you now know that every single item you own is your best choice to make you feel at your best, so go ahead and enjoy it!!

Thanks for reading!!


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