Looking back at our handmade wedding

Morning everyone!

Since this is our wedding anniversary week, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the handmade details we had in our wedding.

Just to set the scene, we got married at the Haldon Belvedere, Devon, a triangular castle built in 1788, at the height of the Romantic Period of the Georgian age, and then had our reception in a charming country pub by the side of the river Ex. We did not have a wedding theme or a colour scheme, but somehow it all worked together very nicely. We had actually got a theme without intending so: a chilled, intimate, beautiful wedding with loads of handmade details.

The fact that me and my husband James are from different countries did have some impact on the preparations but nothing that we couldn’t get over with creativity!

Now the fun bit, the pictures!

Table planner:

Table planner collage

For this one, we wanted to avoid any written indications since each half of the wedding party came from different countries.

How we made it:

We bought an old picture from a charity shop and used its golden frame. We stapled loads of fabric strips to the back of the frame and then we pegged the sitting arrangement for each of the tables. We colour coded the lists with a small fabric triangle that could be then found on the allocated table.

The ceramic bunting on top of the frame we bought from a lovely craft shop in Exeter, Good Golly Miss Molly, which also helped us getting another of our wedding highlights (but you need to keep on reading to find out!).

Table decorations:

As I mentioned above, we had our reception in an old British country pub, and as you can imagine tables are not as big as in other venues, so we had to keep table decorations to an absolute minimum. After much thinking, we opted for dry rose petals to sprinkle on the tables, tiny tin buckets with a tea light and a the correspondent table planner code (made of an empty jam jar, a piece of fabric, a cute peg, a piece of string and a tea light). It turned out to be just perfect because it did not take up any room from the tables but, in my opinion, made it look smart and cared for.

Table Decorations Collage


Well, we didn’t discover the wheel here but, wherever there is a handmade wedding there has to be a fair share of bunting! In our case, it was made of a combination of paper and fabric triangles cut with pinking shears for an extra lovely effect. I have to say that this turned out to be the ultimate proof of my husband’s love for me; after misjudging the amount of time this was going to take me, he had to take over and ended up sewing about 200m worth of bunting in 8 hours straight. He’s never touched a sewing machine again but hey, I do not blame him! He was sewn out for life I think, but he still did an excellent job. Here’s the proof:

Bunting Collage

Wedding cake:

No, we did not make the cake ourselves, but it was made by a lovely lady named Jill Garner that now runs a very successful cake business in the Devon area, Mrs Gills Country Cakes. We met her through Cassie, the owner of an Exeter based craft shop called Good Golly Miss Molly, totally by chance; it was actually quite a funny story! We had been the whole morning looking around Exeter for a bakery that would make our wedding cake with not much luck when we saw a pretty awesome looking shop full of handmade items. In one of my husband’s lightbulb moments he said: “I’m sure the lady in this shop knows someone that bakes”. And there we went in to ask and he was right! Not only she knew one person but two wonderful bakers! She put us in touch with Jill and she quickly understood what we were after… a delicious looking and tasting Victoria sponge with homemade cream and berries jam. This was the amazing result…

Wedding CakePretty damn good looking, right? It tasted even better! And we were lucky enough to have a bit left for the journey home the following day, OMG it was good! I have not tried a better cake ever since (and trust me, I’ve tried some…) Next time we are in Devon we may have to ask her to make another one, this time just for us!!

I’m sure you’ve notice the supercute crocheted bees on top of the cake. Well, we didn’t make those either, but we got them from Cherry Time by Mojca, a Slovenian artist that we found on Etsy. They still sit proudly in our bedroom, they make me smile every time I walk in 🙂

Guest book:

For this one, we got a local artist, Candida Bradley, to create a one-of-a-kind guest book for our special day. It was then filled with lovely and brightly coloured messages from our dear friends and family.

Guest Book Collage

We also handmade the invites and the thank you cards, but I don’t seem to find the pictures now 🙁 So I’ll leave it for another post (also this is getting quite long…). I’d like to finish with one of my favourite pictures of the day, me and my friends in this wonderful (and remote) corner of the world! Thank you all for coming 🙂 And by the way, my bouquet did its job an the lovely couple on the picture (Maria in the green dress and Dani on the left corner) are getting married very soon! Congratulations!

Boda 3Bye bye for now and thanks for reading!


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