Maternity Moneta #2

Moneta 2

Good morning everyone!

After the success of Maternity Moneta #1, I decided to sew another version of this pattern.

This time I chose I fabric that I wouldn’t usually go for, but doing an exception I went for a polyester jersey since I loved the ruffles so much. Despite the, I found that this fabric has plenty of pros that quickly outweighed the cons.

  • Pros: it is super light for the summer and super easy to wash, it doesn’t crease, it dries in minutes, and it was totally my style (colour and pattern).
  • Cons: this fibre may not be as trasnpirable as a natural fibre, and I had to line the dress as otherwise it would be too revealing. For the lining, I chose a plain polyester jersey in white which feels very soft on the skin.

Since this is not a maternity pattern, I made the same alterations as in my Maternity Moneta #1:

  • Raise the bodice waistline about 2.5″
  • Cut the skirt 2 sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. I cut the bodice in the same size I would wear pre-pregnancy, but if you’ve had a noticeable increase in your bust, you may want to cut it a size bigger.
  • Didn’t include the collar proposed for version 1.
Moneta Ruffles 04
Fully lined finished bodice

So as I said, the alterations I had to make to adapt this pattern were pretty simple. The tricky part was to actually match the ruffles and ensure that they stayed all in place whilst being sewn. For that, I checked and pinned every single ruffle before I overlocked my seams. If you are as impatient as me, you may find this challenging, but I can’t stress enough how important this step is as otherwise you will have loads of twisted bits in your seams and it won’t look nice and smooth.

Pretty proud of my ruffle matching skills!
Pretty proud of my ruffle matching skills!

For some reason, this version ended up having the waistline a bit higher than my stripy Moneta, but I still haven’t figured out why. I’m thinking that it could be because this fabric had less stretch than the other one, maybe? That’s something I definitely need to do some research about.

Overall, I am very proud of my dress and I love wearing it because it is super comfy. The only messy bit that I din’t quite foresee when I bought the fabric was how the ruffles would work with the skirt shirring, but I quickly sorted it out styling my dress up with a lovely belt that covers the waistline. Since the beginning I had my mind on using a belt anyway so it didn’t really bother me. I’ll just make a mental note for future projects.

Armhole detail
Armhole detail
Moneta 2 detail
Back detail


That's one proud lady!
That’s one proud lady!

Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely day 🙂


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