Erin Maternity Dress #1

Erin dress 1

Hello everyone!

After the success of the Erin Maternity Skirt #1, I decided to try one of the modifications at the end of the pattern booklet and transform the Erin Skirt into a dress combining it with the Cara Maternity T-shirt.
I visited my local fabric shop and picked a dégradé silk jersey with a subtle leaf print in royal blue. I pretty much fell in love with the touch of the fabric straight away and I though it would be perfect for this project.

Since both patterns are by Megan Nielsen and have very similar styles, they were very easy to join up together to create the dress patter. I eagerly got pinning, cutting and sewing and I finished up just in a few hours. Unluckily, as soon as I slipped the dress over me I realised it wouldn’t join my list of top makes. Sooooo… what went wrong?

Firstly, my fabric choice didn’t turn out to be as ideal as I originally thought. This fabric has a great stretch/recovery percentage and it is a dream to wear, but what I did not notice in the shop is that it was a bit sheer even when not stretched (probably the intense colour prevented from realising that), so when I finally put my dress on… it was quite indecent to say the least!

Secondly, I found quite tricky to get the right settings on my overlocker which led to a snapped bottom seam in its first wear. Also, the fact that had to stretch over my massive pregnant belly did not help.

Finally, the resulting style of pattern+fabric combination wasn’t what I was after and turned out to be quite mumsy in my opinion. I still wore it around the house since it was so hot over the summer and the fabric is super fresh and light, but this dress did not see outside world.

I look forward to using this fabric for other projects though, maybe a more flawy dress for next summer.

And if you want to see a successful combination of these patterns, head over to DIY Maternity, I totally have dress envy!

Hope you enjoyed the post!


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