About a New Year, friendship and some goals for 2016

Happy times in Barcelona with my dearest friend Lidia 8 years ago, and still going

Hello everybody!

A few days late but… Happy New Year! Hope you’ve all entered the year well and merry 🙂

I don’t know what it is about the New Year, but everyone seems to be happier, maybe it is the clean-slate feeling that inundates each and every one of us around these dates. Making the most of this momentum of renewed energy, I want to publicly set my goals for this year. So, in 2016 I’d like to achieve the following:

  1. First and most importantly, keep taking care of my baby boy and make him as happy as I possibly can.
  2. Be better at keeping in touch with my friends in other cities/countries.
  3. Go handmade for as many things as I can (wardrobe, gifts, housewares…)
  4. Carry out a stash busting before I buy any more fabric (does this sound like a challenge to you too?)
  5. Learn pattern drafting
  6. Create my first sewing pattern (and launching it?)

In order to succeed in these (especially in the sewing related), I’ve joined efforts with one of my best friends, Lidia. She also has a creative project that she wants to take forward over this year, and since we live in different cities, we thought it would be a nice way to be in touch more frequently and also cheer each other up in our respective projects. She creates beautiful illustrations that encourage your little ones to learn and develop their imagination. You can check out her work here.  Just the prospect of doing this over 2016 excites me much more than if it was just me. It just feels like a great combo.

Have you ever joined efforts with your friends in order to achieve something? How did it go? I’d love to here your stories!

That’s all for today folks, but I’ll be back soon with a something something that this post has inspired me to do. Have a lovely afternoon and if you are in Spain… Happy Reyes!!

Thanks for reading!



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