Lavender-scented rice heat bag

Hot pouch

Hello everybody!

So here there is my first project for the Stash Busting Challenge 2016: a reusable rice heat bag.

This was one of the Christmas presents I made for my mum this year. She had been complaining about some muscle ache for a while and despite my suggestions of using a hot water bottle to relieve tensions, she never quite tried it. So I decided to make her something along those lines hoping she would use it because I had made it for her. I’m glad to say I was right, and she is loving it now, yay!

This project is very simple, and it is perfect for any left over bits of fabrics. In this case, I used a fat quarter that I had bought a while back and that was sitting doing nothing on my stash. For the inside, I used a thin cotton just to give it a bit more support and make it a bit more stable.

For this project I used:

1 fat quarter of quilting cotton (outside fabric)

Lightweight plain cotton (lining fabric)

Thread matching outer fabric

Lavender essential oil (or any of your choice) optional

1/2kg of rice


How to make it:

  1.  Put the rice and a few drops of essential oil in a plastic bag and leave it to absorbe the essence. The longer the better, but even if you leave it for just a couple of hours it will be lovely and fragrant.
  2. Cut the lightweight cotton (lining) to the same size as your main fabric, in this case a fat quarter.
  3. Fold both fabrics in half right sides together and sew around the two long sides and one of the shorter sides, leaving one side open.
  4. Turn it inside out, you should have like a long narrow bag. Now we’ll start filling it.
  5. Fill the bag with a third of the scented rice. Then sew across the bag to create a compartment. Repeat this step until you’ve used all the rice.
  6. Sew close the open side.

Done! It’s ready to use!

In this case I’ve opted for a rectangular shape just so it can be used across the shoulders and/or the lower back. Since it is scented, it can be used in bed before going to sleep and warm up your bed as well as relaxing your mind. Uuuummm… how lovely 🙂 Also, I’ve only used 1/2 kg of rice because I wanted it quite flat, but you can fill it as much as you like, always leaving some room for movement though, as otherwise may not adapt to the body.

You can heat it to your own preference, I like putting it in the microwaves for a couple of minutes, but that may be too hot if you intend to put it directly on your skin. Oh, and you can also put it in the freezer and use it cold!

The best thing about this project is that it is so simple and versatile, you can make any shape or size you want, and if you use beautiful fabrics (which I’m sure you would) I think they make a beautiful gift. (I think I’m totally going to gift myself one of those… )

Have a lovely week and thanks for reading!


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