Stash busting challenge 2016


Hello everyone!

Last post inspired me to take action on something that has been troubling me more and more lately, my fabric stash. Let’s be honest, us sewers have an incredible ability to justify keep buying metres upon metres of fabric because we are “definitely going to use it for this or that project” and then it just gets put away in a drawer and never sewn into anything. If you followed the #sewphotohop by houseofpinheiro, then you will have also realised the amount of gorgeous and unused fabrics that lay around all sewers shelves, cupboards, drawers, or even worse, just piled on the floor. It makes me so sad to see all those wonderful fabrics so unloved. This is because I’ve come up with the Stash Busting Challenge 2016.

So, if you feel you could swap the name Alice with yours…


… then this challenge is for you!

What I propose is to turn our stashes into beautiful items and fall in love with the fabrics we already own again. So over the next 12 months I will be posting simple projects using my fabric stash. This initiative will hopefully help us to make the most of what we already own, be more creative with what we’ve got, reduce our ever-growing fabric stashes and also reduce waste (yes, it’s hard to hear but hoards of fabric is just pure waste).

You can share your projects on Instagram with the hashtag #stashbusting2016 and if you’d like me to post one of your stash-busting tutorials, do get in touch!

Hope you join the challenge, it promises to be very exciting and full of creative inspiration. And please share with your fellow sewing friends!

See you there!


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