Baby and mommy matching dresses

Custom made baby dress


Today I bring you a very tiny project… a baby girl dress made out of some very small scraps of fabric.

I’ve always been a fan of matchy-matchy baby-and-mommy outfits, so when my friend mentioned that she’d love her 4 month old baby to wear a matching outfit to a wedding I quickly offered my seamstress skills for such an adorable project.

When my friend brought over the fabric that had been taken off her dress, I knew straight away it was going to be challenging, it barely was 20cm wide! But with some thought I managed to create a patter that would replicate the mum’s dress and could be actually cut out off the available fabric.

Sara baby dress 06

Sara baby dress 05Sara baby dress 05

Despite it is such a tiny dress, I did not spare in details. The dress is fully lined in soft cotton, the skirt lining features French seams and the bodice is hand sewn to the skirt. The ribbon of the outside is also hand sewn. In case you haven’t realised yet, I like things done properly!


Sara baby dress 03

Sara baby dress 02

Sara baby dress 04

Hope you like the final result!

Thanks for reading!


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