The Pilar Bear Pattern Share

PHello everybody!

My birthday is coming soon and to celebrate I want to give a present to the sewing community just because you guys are truly awesome!
So… I will be posting (by snail mail!) 7 patterns from my stash  to a fellow sewer. The idea is that this person will take one pattern from the bundle and will add one pattern from her/his stash and then post it to the next person.
In my dreams, this will become a never ending chain of surprise pattern sharing across the world!
Sounds like your cup of tea?

How it works:

  1. If you want to get involved in the Pilar Bear Pattern Share, follow me @pilar_bear and leave a comment on any of the posts about the Pattern Share that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks. Then, I will pick a person from the comments and I will be posting the bundle to him/her (obviously after asking for their address). This is the start of the party!
  2. When you receive the bundle, pick the pattern you want and add another from your stash (but keep this one secret!). Please don’t add more than one, otherwise the shipping costs will go up!
  3. Let us know what pattern you got by tagging me and #pilarbearpatternshare on Instagram! I’m sure your pic will get plenty of comments, so pick another sewer and post the bundle over to them!

As you can see, it is very easy to take part on this pattern frenzy, but there are some important points that you need to know before you decide to take part.

  1. You need to be willing to pay shipping costs in order to forward the bundle to the next person.
  2. You need to be willing to share your postal address.
  3. You need to forward the bundle promptly and don’t delay the chain.
  4. Make sure the pattern you add to the bundle is uncut and has sewing instructions.

Hope all this makes sense! I do believe the sewing community is amazing, so I have great hopes that this becomes a world wide surprise pattern exchange.

From now on I will be posting one and each of the patterns I will be mailing out on October 19th. Some of them are new, some of them are vintage, but they are all uncut and contain instructions.

Hope to see you all there!


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