Sewing mamas and new friendships


Hello everybody!

Today is 1st of November, which means the #sewingmamas monthly challenge starts! What?? You don’t know what this is about? Well, then keep on reading!

I had written a very long, thoughtful post about new friendships but I then I realised it was turning out quite brainy and boring so I started again!

A few weeks ago I met Kate. No, I didn’t meet her in a cafe, in a shop or in nursery, I met her on Instagram. Excuse-moi? Yes, it turns out that if you engage with someone, listen to them, give them advice when they ask for it and generally care about what they do or feel, you are most likely to meet other people too, regardless of where they or you are. Kate hooked me with her year-apart-pictures post: one from her hen night; the other in her kitchen and with a baby wrapped around her. I knew straight away we were on the same page. A few comments here and there and we soon realised that we had similar views on motherhood and also faced similar challenges in our every day lives, one of them being finding time to sew.

Yeah ok, sewing time may not seem like a great deal to most people, but it means a lot to us. Like A LOT. When you dedicate your days and nights to your little one, it’s very easy to loose sight of your own self, and that can be very frustrating in the long term. For me sewing is that little bit of sacred time where I can focus on something that is not baby related, do something for my self and on my own time, reminding me that my old self is still there. You just can’t imagine how much life this gives me.

In an attempt to encourage each other and make sure we get a little bit of time every month to do things we enjoy, we’ve prepared the #sewingmamas monthly challenge and of course everyone can join!

It is very simple:

  • The main premise is to sew two things a month, one for the mama and one for the little one
  • To keep it focused, we will suggest a general idea on what to make, for example it could be a top for the mama and trousers for the little one. You can use whatever pattern and fabric that you like. Personally, I am going to do as much stash busting as I possibly can.
  • We will announce the garments to make on the 1st day of each month, and you need to post your finished garments using #sewingmamas by the last day of the month. Easy to remember, right?  You can also tag us too @katerelton and @pilar_bear

Of course, it’s not a problem if you only manage to make one thing or there is a month when you just couldn’t find the time, we understand! This is to have fun and finding a little bit of time for ourselves, so no pressure!

Do you want to know the garments for this month? Head over to IG and find out!

Hope to see you in the challenge, you sewing mama!



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