XXth Century Social Fashion in Zaragoza


Hello everybody!

My little angel and me went to the museum a couple of days ago, and today I’m bringing you a bit of that exhibition to wherever you are in the world. My hometown is rather small, but it’s always had bouts of modernity here and there, and for what it seems last century was a good example of that. Enough talking for now, enjoy the show!

Gorgeous hat boxes and mannequin from La Parisien, Est. 1911
Old bills - aren't they incredible? Much better than thermal paper receipts!
Old bills – aren’t they incredible? Much better than thermal paper receipts!

This was probably my favourite bit of the show. Since fast fashion didn’t really exist until the end of the century, people got around with just a couple of outfits per season (can you even imagine?), so their ability to style them and make them look different was quite astounding. These add-on collars are an example of that. They are embroidered in the finest of fabrics and with exquisite detail. Also note the roller and stamps to the side of them, to print new patterns on an old garment.




These shirts are miles away in quality, design and beauty, and only about 60 year away in time. You just can’t compare them, our basic white shirts are a joke next to those from the beginning of the century:

That wrinkled collar in the background makes me cringe

And this is one of the adverts on display. It was for Reblet shirtmaker. They definitely look quite special!


These ladies must be… Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha travelling back in time.

img_0547Attention visual merchandisers! Did you ever think about planning your window styling with paper, ink and colours? Well, that’s how it used to be done and look what beautiful examples were on show.



Leaflet for a window display competition

And here some actually window displays:

I totally remember that window display... and now you will too!
I totally remember that window display… and now you will too!
What a charming soap advert, and very appropriate for our very windy city

There is no fashion without accessories…

This is the most beautifully handcrafted handbag I’ve ever seen



There were also some things that should have just never happened…

Shoulder pads, why did you ever exist?


The final room held a pretty striking display of actual garments from the different decades (spot the 80’s dresses):



Lovely bit of early century invisible hemming
I have nothing else to add to those bodysuits
A potentially indecent picture of a multi-layered dress
Sorry fashion bloggers, turn-ups are definitely not a new thing

And with the turn-ups, we are all done here! Hope you enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did! As you can see, it inspired profound thoughts on Mateo and we discussed it on the way home.


I just want to say thank you to the organisers and hope Zaragoza sees many more shows like this one!

Bye for now!

Pilar & Mateo

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