A woollen check dungarees. Mateo’s most British version yet

woollen baby dungarees

Hola my friends!

Apologies for always starting my posts in the same way but… this post is very special!!! Not only is the first baby make as part of the Sewing Mamas monthly challenge, but it is also a self drafted pattern AND I’ve managed to finish it before Mateo has outgrown it, so a big hurray!

Before you continue reading, if you don’t know what the Sewing Mamas monthly challenge is yet, please head over here and read all about it, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂

I bought this fabric last winter when Mateo was just a tiny little peanut, and guess what? Despite my attempts to being a super organised new mama, I fail miserably at finding any sewing time for the first six months on Mateo’s arrival. So like most of my other fabrics, this one just went straight into the drawer to never see the light again… until this winter!

When I started browsing for a baby dungarees pattern, I didn’t quite find what I was after so I decided to have a go myself. As you will see I went a little bit too far with unnecessary detail for a baby dungarees, but in the end I’m glad I did because they’ve turned our quite special.

The fabric is a woollen mix that can go in the washing machine, so it’s perfect for little ones. It’s a bit itchy to the touch, so I decided to line the whole thing so Mateo was nice a comfy wearing it.

Now the fun bit, pictures!


A functioning welt pocket, why not? Apart from the fact that looks supercute, it was a great way to practice a new skill with less risk. I think the interfacing I used for the pocket was a bit too think and that’s why there is that slight bump on top of the pocket. Lesson learnt!


Full back view:

woollen baby dungarees

The straps are totally removable and are made in fake suede so the can be machine washed too.

woollen baby dungarees

woollen baby dungarees

And they are sooo stretchy! All ready for little crawlers 🙂


It is also fully lined:



I love the little turn-up effect, it makes them a bit less formal:


They’ve got an elasticated back but I kept the front flat to recreate that tailored effect. I added some folds on the front for the same purpose (you can see that better in the pics above).


I have to say, I don’t usually make this kind of formal-ish clothes for my baby, but I have to say he looks super cute in it so I’m glad I did! It is totally the most British look Mateo has rocked all these months, and of course he will be wearing this when we go over to England for Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Don’t for get to check the Nani Iro Linden sweater that I made for the November challenge. Aaaand… hope you can join the fun next month, the makes will be announced on the 1st of December!

Thanks for reading!


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