A SOI Molly Christmas dress

SOI Molly dress

Hello everybody! Happy Christmas!

Today is the day to be merry, have lovely food in great company and… reveal my makes for this month’s sewing mamas project! If you remember, Kate and me proposed Christmas related makes for this month, a dress to wear on Christmas day for the mommy and a toy for the little one.

Choosing a pattern for this make was especially difficult and I toyed with different project ideas before I committed to this one. Since this dress has been made to be worn on Christmas day it had some very specific requirements to meet: first and most important, it had to be warm! Since we are over in England for the holiday period, my main concern was keep warm no matter what, so long sleeves were compulsory. Secondly, it had to be forgiving in order to fit (and disguise) all the Xmas foodie excesses so it could not be a fitted dress. And thirdly, it had to be a dress that I could wear after Xmas and that adapted to my full time mommy life, so it couldn’t be something too dressy or seasonal.

After much umming and arring, I came across the Molly dress pattern from the SOI City Break e-book and I knew I was onto a winner with this one. It had the long sleeves (and oh man I love those sleeves, so flattering!), it called for jersey fabric and I could definitely wear it after the merry period. Since the pattern itself is quite simple and comes together in a breezy, I decided to face all my fitting fears and decided it was about time that I (at least) attemped to fit the pattern to my actual measurements. As I said, since it is quite a simple shape, I thought it would be a great starting point to step into the unknown world of fitting.

I started with the sleeves because every single sleeve of every single pattern is massive on me. I never considered my arms especially thin but it turns out they must be to judge by the sizes they come in most patterns. I think the baby lifting has definitely help 😉 So I chose size 10 for bust and shoulders and I graded the sleeves down to size 8 (keeping the length for size 10).

Also, I wanted more of an A-line dress so I graded the dress out from 10 to 12 at the waist and to 16 at the bottom hem. I do realise that these adjustments are super basic and far from complex, but to me they felt like if I was doing magic and the result was a lovely fitting dress that didn’t make me look like a ghost in an oversize bed sheet (that’s how I used to feel in my makes before I started fitting them).

Fabric wise, I choose I green bottle super soft and warm ponte from my local fabric shop. I tend to be notoriously bad when choosing fabric for a project, but this time it seems like I got it spot on.

Result, I LOVE my dress!! I find it both super flattering and super comfy, so I can foresee many more Mollies populating my wardrobe in the coming months 🙂 Maybe a summer version?

So how was your Xmas? What did you wear?

Thanks for reading!




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