African Fabric Malvarosa Top – heartbroken

Hello everybody!

It’s 31st of January with means… I get to share my makes for the Sewing Mamas makes! If you don’t know what that is all about, make sure you check this post.

So for this month we went a bit nuts and instead of suggesting a garment as we usually do, we set the fabric to use instead. I know, it’s totally bonkers! My lovely Kate had mentioned a while back that she like to make something with African fabric since she had seen the awesome stuff that Vicky from SewVee usually posts about, so we thought what better than gloomy January to embrace colours and patterns to bright up our days? And there we went.

I chose some lightweight cotton fabric from my stash. It was actually quite lucky that I had some from when I lived in England because here in Spain is actually quite difficult to find (or at least I don’t know where to get it). I love the stripy pattern on this fabric and whilst it’s quite bold it’s also not too crazy.

For the pattern, I chose the Malvarosa Dress pattern, but with the intention to make a top instead of a dress. I had been wanting to sew this one up for a while and I thought the busy fabric with the simple lines of the top would marry well.

The pattern itself it’s easy to follow and it’s pretty straight forward, but there is one thing that made me fell out of love with it pretty much straight away: the facings. In my opinion, the facings are way to big and way too ugly. They overlap at places and it just makes the garment to feel so clumsy finished inside. I know it is perfectly wearable, but I probably won’t because of this and I’ll just take this make as a toile. I may even shed the cap sleeves off if I make it again and just try to line the whole thing instead of using those damn facings. I’ll also try to do French seams next time just to make it a bit prettier in the insides.

And this is how it looks from all angles:

So overall, I enjoyed sewing with the African fabric, but I’m just gutted that it’s not going to be something I’m going to wear. I’ll probably give it another go, but with a different pattern.

Hope you enjoyed the post even though it’s a sewing failure one!

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “African Fabric Malvarosa Top – heartbroken

  1. Such a shame my love, I get so frustrated when it’s something to do with the pattern and not my mistake. Perhaps the right project will present itself to you soon. I hope so as that green on you is really beautiful 🙂 xxx

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