Baby Chef Outfit (with a Smurf twist)

Hello everybody!

I can’t believe it’s the end of February already, I thought NYE was just yesterday! The good thing about being the end of the month is… that it’s time to reveal my makes for this month’s Sewing Mamas challenge!

So in this occasion, lovely Kate and me decided on a Let’s Pretend theme for the little ones, which I loved because it is just such a broad concept that left room for pretty much anything we wanted to make for them. In my case, and since the Three Wise Men got Mateo a lovely kitchen for Christmas, (and he spends so much time playing with it) I decided on making him a Chef’s outfit.

I originally planned the outfit as a set of apron, hat and trousers, but unluckily this month my sewing time was veeery limited and I just managed to make the apron. To compensate, he just happened to be wearing a blue tee and white tights when I took these pictures so I guess he could also pretend to be a smurf cook.

I self-drafted a pattern for the apron and I added adjustable ties that I fed through the to layers of fabric that make the apron in a way that it was easy to get in and out and also future-proofing it a little while. I also added a big pocket for extra keeping-things-in-it fun.

Hopefully I’ll be finishing the rest of the set this weekend, so I’ll make sure I get him to model the whole outfit!


Thank you for reading!!


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