Wardrobe Architect Challenge 2015


Why taking up the challenge now?

Last year I religiously followed the style-defining series created by Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns. Despite loving and agreeing with every single article she posted, I was not so good at taking it into practice for reasons I explained in this post. What I did do was a massive clean out of my closet, and got rid of tones of clothes that I hardly ever wore or I was just simply tired of. The fact that I was moving country it also helped to get me on my feet and actually do something about it. Continue reading “Wardrobe Architect Challenge 2015”


My new mantra for life




I’m not a fan of inspirational quotes, and even less fan of sharing them as it sometimes seems like you are just trying to be clever and mindful. But as the exception to my rule,  I’d like to pass on a couple of lines that I heard in a film last Friday.

Sooooo… I finally got around to watching La grande Bellezza in original version and as I said, there was a quote that really got stuck in my mind.

“The most important thing I discovered
 a few days after turning 65
 is that I can’t waste any more time
 doing things I don’t want to do.” – La Grande Bellezza, 2013

No need to say I’m not 65 yet, but I think we can all apply that to our every day lives regardless of our age. Apart from this, it is a film well worth watching, although a bit on the surreal side.

I’m going to break my own rules and ask, has anything you’ve read/heard got stuck in your head lately?