Baby Blanket PJs – a total winner


A bit more love than in my previous post, I am thrilled with the blanket PJs I made for my “baby” boy for this month’s Sewing Mamas challenge.

So what is a blanket PJs? Yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking. I made a PJs out of the million baby blankets we got given when he was born. I don’t know about yours, but my little boy moves as if it was going out of fashion when he sleeps, so he’s usually lying on top of the duvet after about a minute of falling asleep. Worried (like mums do) of him being cold, I thought of making a PJ with a blanket so he keeps warm through the night. Genius!

For this project I wanted to use just fabrics and bits that I had so I chose this stripy blanket and I use an old baby grow to do the cuffs and the neckline. I also had the right length zip, so this was a total stash buster! As per the pattern, I chose a PJ pattern from one of my very dear Ottobre Magazines.

I sewed pretty much everything with the overlocker, except cuffs, neckline and zip, and it came together very nicely and very quickly. The only changes I made were the exposed zip instead of  an invisible one, and I added a little bit of fabric at the top so the zip didn’t scratch his little beautiful face. This fabric turned out to be quite tricky to sew mainly because the fluff keeps you from seeing the actual edge of the fabric so I had so re sew a couple of bits that I didn’t catch with the overlocker. Probably next time I’ll sew everything first to make sure there are no little gaps here and there and then overlock the insides.


Oh, I’m so glad I made this, it’s been so cold here in Zaragoza and I think I slept a little bit better safe in the knowledge that my little angel was nice a warm. As I write this, I can’t help but think of all the kids that are not nice a warm, because they don’t have a home, or because they had to flee, and I think of their mums and I admire that they are some how pulling it together for their little ones. We should never forget how lucky we are and help those that we can on the way.

Thank you so much for reading!


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