Introducing #makeyourstash – not your usual sewing challenge

Today I am very happy to be inviting you to use a new Instagram hashtag that Pilar and I have come up with: #makeyourstash! We would love for you to sew with us this spring and summer using this hashtag. You will have guessed that the clue is in the name, so we will be using #makeyourstash when we follow this one rule:

We will make garment(s) that we will love and wear, using fabric that has been in the stash for more than 6 months  

Who are you and why should I join you?

We met on Instagram and discovered that as well as sewing we have a mutual interest in sustainability, using less and wasting less. The number of sewists connected on Instagram means there is an endless source of inspiration. But the intensity can be overwhelming and we don’t think we are alone in buying a lot more fabric and making a lot more clothes that we would otherwise have done.

So we have decided that we are going to start using what we already have and we would so happy if you would join us. Need a reason? Here’s a few:

  • You will make a dent in your stash, which probably takes up too much space.
  • You will have a garment that you will love to wear.
  • It costs you nothing except time, and it helps the planet just a tiny bit.
  • Its great to be a part of the Instagram sewing community.
  • Finally, and best of all, sewing with us does not put a spanner in your sewing plans!

We know there are a lot of sewing challenges out there. Which is why #makeyourstash is designed to be combined with any other sewing you have planned and any other sewing challenge that you are participating in, as long as you follow the rule.

Sounds great, is there a “sewing challenge” bit?

The purpose of the “challenge” is to sew thoughtfully – our starting point is using what we have. However, to encourage you to join in with us, we have teamed up with sponsors who share our passion for sustainable sewing, consuming less and reducing our waste.

Between March and May, we will monitor the #makeyourstash hashtag and randomly draw a prizewinner at the end of each month. The winner will receive a pattern (or two) from one of our sponsors. Entering is simple:

  1. Make something following the fabric rule above.
  2. Upload a picture of the finished garment to Instagram using the hashtag #makeyourstash. Please tag @timetosew and @pilar_bear so we don’t miss your picture.

Our sponsors are:



But wait, there’s probably not much in my stash I like anymore…

We would suggest taking the time to really look at your stash and see whether there is in fact something usable that you think you would like. We don’t encourage making something just to use something up. Wendy Ward has a great article on shopping your stash  which you can use as a starting point.

That is it from me today, hopefully see you on Instagram! For now, sew on!

This post was written by my lovely partner in crime, Kate. Her blog is a gem on sustainable sewing so do grab a cuppa and head over for a good, insightful view on the matter.

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