Over the last couple of years, being sustainable in my fashion and sewing practices has rooted in me so deeply that has become one of my very core values as a human, and it was only a matter of time until this feeling reached through to my photography practice.

Family photographer by day, I had been thinking on how to bring together both of my passions, photography and my sustainability efforts in the field of textiles. It seems so clear now, but it felt so foggy for a long time. Then the concept of “sustainable fashion photography” came to my mind. So…

What about using my photography skills to provide beautiful imagery for brands that care about a respectful approach to fashion?

The galleries below are a sample of some sustainable fashion photo shoots I’ve done lately. If you are interested in working with a photographer that shares your values in fashion, sustainability and general concern for our beautiful planet, do contact me even if it’s just to say hey, I love to hear from people and projects that are doing their very best at making the world a better place.

La Modateca & Very Wood