Baby and mommy matching dresses

Custom made baby dress


Today I bring you a very tiny project… a baby girl dress made out of some very small scraps of fabric.

I’ve always been a fan of matchy-matchy baby-and-mommy outfits, so when my friend mentioned that she’d love her 4 month old baby to wear a matching outfit to a wedding I quickly offered my seamstress skills for such an adorable project.

When my friend brought over the fabric that had been taken off her dress, I knew straight away it was going to be challenging, it barely was 20cm wide! But with some thought I managed to create a patter that would replicate the mum’s dress and could be actually cut out off the available fabric.

Sara baby dress 06

Sara baby dress 05Sara baby dress 05

Despite it is such a tiny dress, I did not spare in details. The dress is fully lined in soft cotton, the skirt lining features French seams and the bodice is hand sewn to the skirt. The ribbon of the outside is also hand sewn. In case you haven’t realised yet, I like things done properly!


Sara baby dress 03

Sara baby dress 02

Sara baby dress 04

Hope you like the final result!

Thanks for reading!



Minimi Dungarees Shorts

Minimi dungarees

Hello everyone!

I’m very excited about this post because it is the first re-fashion project I’ve ever done and I am super pleased with it 🙂 So, what did I do? Believe it or not, I turned a shirt into a baby dungarees!

A few months ago I came across the MINIMI Project on Instagram and I just loved their concept of giving old cloths a new purpose. It may seem like a simple idea (that is something that had definitely crossed my mind before) but I didn’t know how to do it, so their patterns were just exactly was I was looking for.

I picked the dungarees shorts pattern because they look supercute and I think they’ll be great for the summer. When I asked my husband for any shirts that he didn’t wear anymore, he produced not 1 but 3, so I think my baby boy is going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to summer clothes. Anyway, this is the first one I’ve made:

Since my shirt had short sleeves, I picked a supersoft rusty red cotton for the lining.

Dungarees shorts


I also like that the pattern encourages you to use the original details from the shirt. In this version I reused the buttons and the pocket:

Pocket detail

Buttonhole detail

Once the summer’s here I promise pics of Mateo modelling this little beauty, but for now it’s still a bit to chilly and a bit too big 🙂

I’ll be definitely making more of these, maybe even a winter version?

Thanks for reading!





Easiest patchwork baby play mat ever


Make your own baby play mat (baby not included)

Hello everyone!

Continuing with my Stash Busting Challenge 2016, today I’m writing about one of my first sews after Mateo’s arrival: his baby play mat. Just the fact that I managed to make it when he was 2 months old puts to show how quick this make is.

But, what led me to make this blanket? Probably most of you will think “because she likes sewing”. Well, it wasn’t that obvious. As parents do, me and my husband started looking for some early age toys for our baby boy and we thought that a baby play mat would be a good start. When I thought of a baby play mat, it came to my mind images of softness, comfort, candied colours… you get the picture, right? But when we started looking around for mats, none met my expectations. For a start, the fabrics… all polyestery and cheap-looking, then the colours, the patterns, the sizes… they were all just wrong, a real fabric eyesore. I know babies are appealed to bright colours and that these encourage their senses, but those can be in other things, for example, their actual toys. I wanted a play mat where he could play and relax, and that felt soft and lovely on his skin. Amid all this search, then I remembered: I can sew!! And THAT’S when I realised that I could make Mateo the play mat he deserved (and that I wanted to see in my home too).

After all this introduction, I get into the nitty gritty…

You will need:

Several scraps of fabric

One large piece of fabric for the backing (depending on the size of your mat)

Wadding of your choice (depending on the size of your mat)

A piece of cotton tape or ribbon

Needle and thread

How to make it:

  1. Cut 25 squares of different fabrics measuring each 23×23 cm. I’d suggest you arrange them on the floor first so you can see how the final composition will look. In this case I picked a fabric that I’ve had in different positions in every row to give some unity to the final design.
  2. 20151027_182111Start sewing row by row until you’ve got 5 long bits of fabric (with 5 squares each)
  3. Sew the strips to one another.
  4. Right sides together, sew the sides leaving a gap of about the size of three of the squares. Turn inside out and press.
  5. Insert the wadding as if it was a duvet cover. If you intend to hang the mat from the wall whilst not in use (spot the one that lives in a small flat…) place the cotton tape making a loop. Then, sew the gap catching the loops with the machine.
  6. Finally, to avoid the wadding moving, stitch through all the layers at the corners of each square. This way, your wadding will always stay in place, even in the washing machine. Also it makes a lovely padded pattern.Play mat -back


Mat detail
I love my play mat 🙂

Since it is all cotton, it can be washed in the washing machine no problem. I love this play mat, we use it every day and Mateo loves it. I’ve used a rather thick wadding so it is comfy to lye on (for both baby and parents) and also keep him warm from the chilly floorboards. Also, since we live in a one bed and floor space is precious, we hang it on the wall and it looks beautiful, just like a piece of art! I am just so glad I “remembered” I could sew before we got any of those other play mats 🙂

I’d love to see your stash busting projects, I am always looking for inspiration so do leave a comment!

Hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Have a lovely day!